Artiach established the well-known principle of maximum security and comfort with minimum weight. Each design parameter is subjected to the rigorous standards of these two concepts.
Sleeping bags
The fundamental elements that are analyzed and incorporated into a sleeping bag are its materials, the type of construction, and the cut. All of the materials provide maximum comfort, insulation, and compactness. Some models are filled with down, a natural material that provides a high level of comfort. Others are filled with synthetic insulating materials that provide the highest level of insulation with the minimum amount of weight and volume.
With comfort in mind, these backpacks are geometrically designed to optimally distribute the weight of the pack. The lightest and most resilient materials are chosen with security in mind. Various models incorporate the ARTILOCK system, a mechanism which allows you to remove your hammer or pickaxe without removing the backpack during your journey.
Gloves and mittens
A glove or a mitten is nothing more than a compartment of air around one’s hand, warmed by the energy that radiates from our own body through our blood circulation.
Snow boots and mountaineering boots
Mountaineering boots are made with the highest quality materials based on the latest technology. The most advanced models for climbing incorporate Gore-Tex and water repellant materials.
Snowshoes and bindings
TSL uses the necessary industrial methods for innovation, research, and daily inventions in order to test its products in Siberia, mountains in Argentina, and the American Rockies, ensuring that they will withstand all conditions.
Trekking Poles
Master’s trekking poles use the latest SBS and RBS technology.
Climbing equipment
The highest quality and most technologically advanced materials. Helmets, carabiners, harnesses, nails, ice screws, descenders, figure 8, stoppers, anchors, stakes, shelters, pulleys, chalk bags, belays, step aiders, euro gear slings.
The highest technology in headlamps.
Watches and compasses
Your complete outdoor activities planner.
A tubular designed piece of clothing without seam. It is manufactured with a microfibre material that allows to keep the body temperature and expels humidity
Hydration Bags
These hydration systems guarantee the best water consumption.
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